The World Health Organization has released a report stating that the coronavirus has dead 180,000 health workers’ lives so far. Just as you know that the death toll of soldiers in war is the highest, so when the plague strikes the world, the greatest loss is to doctors and health workers. One hundred and eighty thousand health workers from different parts of the world have lost their lives due to the virus.

Covid and health workers

As you know, every time disease comes into the world, a separate center is set up for him. Different health workers are provided to deal with this center. The health protects some of these people and the disease. They provide medicine to the people who fight against it. If they do these things, the health worker may risk his life, which may endanger his life. Similarly, it has been observed that most of The damage has been done to the health workers’ lives.

As you know, whenever it comes to the world, the first thing that is tested is to find a vaccine. Get vaccinated so that they stay healthy when needed and the epidemic does not spread to other people. It has also been observed that two out of every five health workers are vaccinating themselves with the corona vaccine, which is beneficial to health workers. Working on the front line they can protect their lives all people should get this vaccine.

Different variants of this coronavirus spread from China have come to this world so far. Four waves have spread so far as many people have been harmed and we have told you this along with the health workers. Other people have also lost their lives and now people are vaccinating loudly to prevent it. It affects the lungs more and more and affects people with respiratory problems.

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