There are millions of websites and applications out there, but there’s only one Facebook. In just one decade, this walled garden social network has changed the way people connect with one another in ways that seem odd when you look back on it now. It’s hard to believe that Facebook was founded in 2004 and opened to the public in 2006; if you grew up in the 2000s, chances are you don’t remember a time before Facebook existed.

1) The term Facebook was originally written without capital letters

Mark Zuckerberg said in a July 2009 interview that, I just prefer [sic] not to have capital letters. He also added It’s more friendly and welcoming. Early versions of Facebook only used lowercase letters. However, in August 2009, it was announced that all pages would shift from lowercase to uppercase.[51]

2) The oldest person on Facebook is 114 years old

Joe Pace, a great-grandfather from Fort Worth, Texas was born on May 1, 1899. Though he isn’t online all that often, his son maintains a page for him so he can stay in touch with family and friends.

3) The biggest fan of selfies is an alpaca

There are more than 2 million alpacas in South America, but only one of them is famous for its selfies. Huaca, a 7-year-old llama-alpaca hybrid (part llama, part alpaca) from Junin de Los Andes in Argentina—aka the selfie animal—has even won multiple contests with her pictures.

4) They use in built tools to find what people are searching for

Thanks to real-time search statistics, marketers can look at how many people are searching for keywords related to their products or services. That way, if you’re an SEO company, you can target certain keywords and increase traffic to your website in a cost-effective manner.

5) People spend more time on FB than on any other website

While some reports have shown that time spent on FB may be declining, you still spend a ton of time there (on average, 20 minutes per day) compared to any other site—even if it’s just because of FB’s addictive quality. Also keep in mind that many people are on both personal and professional accounts at once, so they could easily be spending double or triple that amount of time each day.

6) Their data center is bigger than Vatican City

The new data center building in Prineville, Oregon is 230,387 square feet—the equivalent of 11.3 football fields. The new $250 million data center supports both Facebook and other services like Dropbox and Instagram. It will reduce their energy usage by 50 percent and overall carbon emissions by 75 percent compared to their previous facility. They have 15 million users: Yes, you read that right!

7) For every fake account, there are nine duplicate profiles.

In 2012, a BBC investigation found that up to 9% of all active accounts are duplicate profiles or fakes—meaning there may be as many as 180 million fake profiles on Facebook. The report also found that 3% of active accounts are duplicated (up to 60 million) and 1% are fakes (10 million). That amounts to an estimated 230 million total duplicate or fake profiles. (Source: Digital Trends)

8) Every day, 1.5 billion photos are uploaded to the site

On June 6, 2012, one billion photos were uploaded to Facebook in a single day. That’s a pretty big milestone – and one that shows no signs of slowing down. By 2020, it’s estimated that 3 billion photos will be uploaded every day.

9) 44% of all 18-29 year olds check their feed at least once an hour.

Keeping up with friends on Facebook can be a time-consuming activity. A 2013 Pew Internet study found that 44% of all 18-29-year-olds check their feed at least once an hour. With 7% checking it so often that they say they couldn’t live without social media.

10) There are more ads every day than there are hot meals eaten in the US.

If you’ve ever wondered how much money there is in advertising, well, now you know. People spend more time on Facebook than they do exercising. From an average of 74 minutes a day to a whopping 135 minutes per day. 2 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month.: And that’s just one month. 50 million pieces of content are shared daily. Facebook has overtaken email as a means of communication and has become something greater than any single person could ever be.

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