Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has left for Saudi Arabia for a three-day visit. He was invited by the Saudi Crown Prince on a special invitation and the Saudi Crown Prince invited him to leave. The Saudi Crown Prince has given special medicine to Imran Khan for the inauguration of the Middle East Green Initiative. Is doing more now that the Saudi Crown Prince has made every effort to do what he has been doing in the meantime. Imran khan’s visit to Saudia Arabia.

One Billion Tree Tsunami Project The World Accepts Imran Khan’s Deeds Of Pakistan And. He has Appointed Pakistan Head Of Climate Change Due To Which Many Countries Are Now Consulting Imran Khan On Climate Change So that we can work for change, Saudi Arabia has also announced its plan to change its environment in this regard and they want to implement this plan and easily invited Imran Khan on the track. Let them come to us and inaugurate it. Imran khan’s visit to Saudia Arabia.

Imran khan meet pakistani community

During his visit to Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has also announced that he will meet the Pakistani community. The Prime Minister always talks that the people working outside Pakistan are our lives. The capital that comes to Pakistan benefits the Pakistani economy a lot. Whenever the Prime Minister of Pakistan visits other countries. He always addresses the Pakistani community and meets with them so that they can be comfortable. The Prime Minister of Pakistan stands with you. Imran khan visit to Saudia Arabia

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has always worked to improve the economy of Pakistan. Now he has gone to Saudi Arabia to make many economic agreements. So that the economy of Pakistan can benefit a lot and the people of Pakistan. They will also talk to them to improve the economic situation. And to improve the living conditions of the Pakistani community living there.

As you know that the inflation rate is increasing day by day. At this time Mr.khan wants to control this. he is working day and night and want some advantage over other countries. That’s why the prime minister is coming here. His tour is successful and gets an advantage from brotherhood country Saudi Arabia. Saudi government provides 3 billion dollars to the state bank of Pakistan. The state bank of Pakistan confirms this news.

In past brotherhood country, Saudia has also helped us in the way oil and the cash amount. Now again he has trusted us and given a piller to Pakistan economy for some while. Imran khan is focused on local export and tries to stand his export industry. Many projects are working on this. Pakistan is the country that’s taken many IMF loans at this time to try to improve the economy, but all its struggle is not performing well. I have believed that one day Pakistan Economy will rise and people living style will change

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