With the Pakistan Super League, the draft of the editions is going to be announced today. Which player will be in which team? It will be known in a while which one will become Sultan and who will become King and who will become Great and this. All will be in front. Wait for the PSL Drafts

Many foreign players are going to join it. The draft will be decided today at 3 o’clock and it will be from 3 o’clock to 7 o’clock. In the evening and it will be decided which player joins which team and At the same time. let us tell you that these drafts will appear in the names of almost all the players

Who will pick first

Here, let us tell you who will be the first player to play. According to the schedule of PSL, Lahore Qalandar will be the first to select the Platinum categories. First and it is hoped that the favorite team of all Lahore. Qalandar is she will choose the best players and she will show that she was the best.

Which player will be the adornment of which team will be decided after a while. It is not yet evening which player has participated in it or not but in a short. While will be clear in this regard, which one Are included and it is being said that. Many foreign players are also included in it they are interested in PSL Drafts

Player retention

Many teams had retained their good players, that is to say, put them back in their team due to tension. As I will tell you now that Muhammad Hafeez is still in Lahore Qalandars and Shahid Afridi is in Quetta this time. Have gone in and joined Azam Khan in Islamabad Date and there are also many who I have just like Imam Hussain inside Karachi Kings and Mohammad Rizwan Maqsood. By the way, there are

There is a lot of enthusiasm for cricket among the people of Pakistan. Many foreign players who have already played here have come to love how the people of Pakistan love cricket and our cricket chairman. The chairman of the cricket board has already clear that many of the players in the world we create for this would like to include it automatically.

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