The Financial Action Task Force has included Pakistan as well as Turkey in the FATF grey list. At a recent meeting, the FATF included more countries, including Jordan and Mali. Pakistan was added to the gray list by the Final Action Task Force in 2019 and Pakistan has completed 30 out of about 34 points and the remaining four points are being implemented.

Turkey in grey list

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has warned Turkey that it is keeping a close eye on it. And this time it has added Turkey, along with Pakistan, to the list to fix its affairs inside Afghanistan. Turkey will be blacklisted from the gray list, which will be a huge blow to its economy

The Chairman of the Financial Action Task Force has made it clear that if Pakistan controls terrorist groups. And further said that if money laundering in Pakistan is controlled then Pakistan should be removed from this list very soon. The Government and he also made it clear that the Pakistani government is implementing the points we had in a very good manner. and has given full assurance that it will implement the remaining points as well. Get out of this list very soon.

In a press release, the answer to a question Financial Action Task Force (FATF) chief says that FATF has a technical body. We are not working in one country’s direction. Total 39 countries are with us. India is not directed us to put in blacklist to Pakistan. Our intelligence is working on that process. If Pakistan will control money laundering and it be will be removed from the grey list.

Countries helping Pakistan

As well as we inform you that China, Malaysia, and many other countries are helping Pakistan to remove them from the black list. And now they are also working to remove it from the FATF grey list. Pakistan is the key for many countries that are neighboring them.

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